Room climate control panel

Designed for automatic control of the air temperature in the room by controlling the heating source and the heating device.
Thanks to the easily accessible touch display, it is very easy to use.
The climate control panel displays the current room temperature, operation status and error codes. Regulates the room temperature by changing the fan speed and turning the heating circuit on/off.

The climate control panel allows you to:
– to provide automatic maintenance of the set temperature regimes
– control single-phase, brushed and brushless fan motor
– control the heat carrier supply valve
– ensure shutdown (open window, etc.)
– ensure the safety of settings during power off and network failures
– it is possible to switch the mode according to the water temperature sensor

Key benefits of using this remote control:
– has three operating modes: winter, summer and automatic
– flexibility, ease of installation, configuration and operation
– warranty and post-warranty service

1. touch remote
2. control board
3. air temperature sensor (built into the housing or remote)
4. coolant temperature sensor (option)